Oversized orders that require delivery by truck do not qualify. Additionally, picture looks slightly coarser in darker scenes, but details remain generally distinctive. This might be compensated with a better quality RGB cable or isolation from other electronic devices. Rate and comment on specific criteria. This added demand will further reduce pricing in the future as manufacturing techniques are refined. They are essentially beat patterns that periodically modulate the intensity of the dithers or interlaced lines. With a contrast ratio of

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The Samsung SyncMaster N was designed to fill a gap in a samshng offering that is in high-demand. This “jerking” effect ghosting is actually more pronounced than one would like. We have seen similar results from other LCD panels so this is probably due to an inherent weakness in current LCD technology. Last month, I decided to buy a SyncMaster T as the image was just too edible. However, we can see bright fringes for particular color schemes like blue and magenta color combos and dark fringes for red and green color combos.

However, in the short run, a reduction in price demands a reduction in features and ultimately quality. This was verified in the Ringing and Overshoot test, where we can see faint extra white light in the transistion from black to gray and an extra dark edge from white to gray.

The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you syncmastef feel. It can get distracting after a while the slower response time of the LCD when compared to CRT usually result in this anomaly.

Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 171n 17 “

Coming Soon This product hasn’t been reviewed yet. Gray-Scale Shifts In the Gray-Scale Shifts test, the contrast in the shades of color can be clearly seen but in cases where the contrast index is only by a difference of one, two or four, it is harder to make them out.

Printer adjustments can be made until color mismatches are reduced samsunng a minimum. Pink Hue Click a Thumbnail to Enlarge. Unless you’re trying to save money, this should be your next LCD. With all of the other LCDs reviewed here, flickering was excessive.

We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet.

Read-on to the next page 171h see our results of image testing and comparisons between the two models. Warranty and Returns Manufacturer Warranty. This is still considered excellent and consistent with what we found in the Gray-Scale Selectivity test.

Samsung N Specs – CNET

Color Combinations In the Color Combinations test, we can see bright ridges for magenta, red and blue color combos. A twitch of the eye or the registration of surprise can be easily detected by the viewer.

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However, it is not as severe as it sounds, because other LCD panels have exhibited similar characteristics. In the Gray-Scale Shifts test, the contrast in the shades of color can be clearly seen but in cases where the contrast index is only by sa,sung difference of one, two or four, it is harder to make them out.

Thus, it is not surprising that the N exhibits expansion in the dimmest end of the gray scale.

Samsung SyncMaster N Manuals

Mug shots Click a Thumbnail to Enlarge. In the last variation, where we are presented with the darkest shades, the problem disappears for all colors. However, what impresses us about the N is that in most cases, there are no significant banding and dithering — relatively smooth grayscale. An Analog Interface According to popular literature, an analog interface RGB port might introduce flicker or overshooting. Windows, Macintosh, Sun Microsystems.

Samsung provides for a comprehensive three years warranty covering parts, labor and the backlight. View our privacy policy. This is further enhanced with syncmster effective routing system which reduces wire clutter accomplished with a hole in the monitor stem and tucking the power and analog ports beneath the point where the LCD panel meets the monitor stand.

It stood out from the crowd on our viewing angle tests, holding its image perfectly when viewed from above or from the side. The N performs up to expectations in the Scaled Font test. Wire clutter is dramatically reduced by tucking the various connectors behind the monitor stand. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider.