Click Keyboards to open the Keyboard Setup dialog box. Under Installed services, click Add. The FN key follows this pattern, only its scancode sequence is empty. All use prefix 80 on both press and release. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. Download the file LK On the Languages tab, click Details.

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Click Keyboards to open the Keyboard Setup dialog box.

LKAA – LK KEY KEYBOARD, DIN – VARx, your resource for DEC equipment

You must configure Reflection for the LK keyboard for all operating systems. On the right a cursor key section and a number pad. MF stands for MultiFunctional. EXE from the Download Library.

Installing and Configuring LK450, LK460, or LK461 Keyboard Support

In untranslated Set 2, the F17 key gives e0 The keycap is a triangle pointing left. The ten keypad digit keys that served dual purposes depending on NumLock and Shift were duplicated keybowrd that digits and cursor movements could be produced without help from the Shift or Numlock keys. The lack of keys on the PC keyboard for terminal emulation was keyboare more acute in the days of the XT PC which had only 88 keys.

There are several variants, in several national layouts and sometimes with specialized function keys that are dyed orange. Finally the numeric keypad, with the usual keys that generate the usual codes, and a single additional key, a Tab, with 0f like the ordinary tab.

You can now exit Control Panel. This leads me to believe it is a driver problem. Click the Input Locales tab, then select the locale associated with the language, for example, the “English United States ” locale.

My 10 year old key keyboard that came with an “Olivetti PCS ” actually has connectors for three additional keys just bellow Delete, End, and PgDn. EXE from the Download Library. As of Reflection version RS, bps; LK Its translated Set 2 scancodes are given by Delorie. There were also special layouts for Far Eastern languages specifically Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai There are compact versions of the keyboard with model numbers LK and LKwhich were considered as more suitable for Unix than the fullsize layout which was largely designed for VMS and DEC’s earlier operating systems.

These keys do not function with Windows NT 4.

DEC Lk450-aa Us/uk Terminal Keyboard for Use in Vt510 and Vt520 Terminals.

Can you find the missing VT keys? Keyboard mapping is the least mentioned feature in commercial terminal emulation packages and, not surprisingly, it turns out keybozrd be the most difficult part of producing and using a PC terminal emulator software package.

Close all running applications so system files can be updated if needed.

John Elliot reports the untranslated scancodes: It does not repeat. An additional problem is the lack of PC annotation on the keys. The keycaps have spherical tops with legends printed in the corners like on keybaord LK There is no keys on the connectors, I only found them because I opened the keyboard for cleaning.

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DEC Lkaa Us/uk Terminal Keyboard for Use in Vt and Vt Terminals. | eBay

EXE, and then click Unzip to extract the files. These PF keys are reprogrammable — and programming occurs as a sequence of keyboard actions.

And in the middle 1d 40 Homewith code as expected for Ctrl F6. Fn-F11 disables the keyboard and another Fn-F11 enables it again. kdyboard

The author still recommends to the inquisitive that they try out the LKA2 with the unsupported keybord from Compaq on the web, especially if they already have one on site.