This will allow you to get most paper jams clear. Open the paper cover and remove the paper roll from the printer. Parallel communication transmits data across multiple wires simultaneously. When purchasing a cash drawer, the correct cash drawer cable for this specified wiring configuration must be ordered. This command code depends on the Emulation Mode the printer is in. Ithaca BANKjet – receipt printer – two-color monochrome – ink-jet bjusbbrdg. Close all of the covers.

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BANKjet Inkjet Receipt and Validation Printer | TransAct Tech

Press banjjet New cartridge button with the cartridge s removed. Ethernet Interface Cable Required: Place this on the nozzle end to catch ink that will squirt out. Where can I order paper? Characters per inch cpi: Open the paper cover and remove the paper roll from the ithaca bankjet 1500.

Dimensions without cutter in inches: Possible the ink cartridge needs to be cleared of air bubbles. All Categories Brands All Categories.

Once you have the correct cable, you will still need to send the correct cash drawer command code to the printer to open the 11500. The correct printer driver depends on what Operating System you are using. Please ithaca bankjet 1500 the below chart to identify which ithaca bankjet 1500 your printer has:.

TACT is the leader in developing and manufacturing market-specific printers for transactionbased industries. Ethernet I Adapter Installation Guide.


Best in Class Support. Change values as you want them, and then click the Save Changes button. Replacing the Ink Cartridge 1.

Serial communication transmits data on only 2 wires, one for sending and one for receiving one bit at a time. Virtual Com Ithaca bankjet 1500 Redirector. Get instant answers to all your product questions. TransAct is headquartered in Hamden, CT. USB Cable This cable is available for purchase from us.

Hold the cartridge with the label facing you. Ithaca BANKjet – receipt printer – two-color monochrome – ink-jet pbracdk. Please use our convenient RMA web form. Bajkjet Cable, 25 pin male to 25 pin male. Based on proven inkjet technology in use in the ithaca bankjet 1500 world, BANKjet prints in your ithaca bankjet 1500 of ithxca, black, green or blue – in any combination of two colors – thanks to a high capacity, 7-million character Hewlett-Packard cartridge.

ITHACA BANKjet 1500 1-Ply 3 inch x 165′ Paper 50 Rolls

You may need to alternate between forward and backward feeding with the machine held upside down to clear some difficult jams. CAT-5 Ethernet cable This cable is not available for purchase from us. Replace cartridge with new cartridge.

Ithaca bankjet 1500 with cutter in inches: Complaints of light print, missing parts of a printed character, or not printing at all, 11500 the paper is feeding out as if it is printing, are all indications of an ink ithaca bankjet 1500 issue.

What is the difference between parallel and serial communication? The Bankjet printer has an RJ11 cash drawer port for connecting a cash drawer. Printer may not print at all even though the cartridges are inserted. Roll Ithaca bankjet 1500 Outer Diameter. Install the cartridge so the bqnkjet is facing the printer front.