Insert the cable which has a similar jack like your speaker’s jack that was plugged into the sound card that came along with the packaging in the place of the speaker jack into your sound card. Tips The TV tuner card can also be run without switching on your desktop. Send to a friend. Plug the other end of this cable into the “VGA-Out” socket of the tuner card. Lcd Tv Unregistered user.

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This will usually not work with a cable connection as the channels are encoded. I’m currently using a external tuner to watch TS SD on my monitor. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2.

Use the remote control bundled with the card and make sure it has proper batteries in it. Insert the terrestrial antenna jack into the antenna socket of the card. Just the monitor needs to be powered on.

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If it doesn’t, then you could get an adapter. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Cabling and Wiring Connection. No, it won’t work.

Intex Lcd Tv Tuner New Condition , Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

This depends on how you get your signal. Get 1 spun Filter replacement absolutely free. Take the power adapter that came bundled with the card and plug it into a power source. Then and only thensee what kind of antenna would reach that far. Looking for the best quality isolation transformers at the optimum price. How can I connect two TVs to one set up box and still be able to watch different things on each of them?

If intex lcd tv tuner mirage it driver ldc ability does not meet state standards you will be referred to tc eye doctor for an eye examination.

Now, take the other cable that had come bundled with the tuner card and plug one of its end into the monitor socket on the CPU cabinet. Useful information Ih-192 useful advices and warnings to avoid scams. Switch on the entire setup.

Intex TV Tuners in India 2018

Answer this question Flag as Plug out the monitor display cable from the back of the CPU nirage and plug it into the TV tuner card. Help answer questions Learn more. You can avail these with servostar the best Isolation Transformer Is there another way tiner do this?

If you use an antenna, go to tvfool. In this article, we will learn how to connect an external Television tuner card to your desktop, such that when you power on the tuner card, you can watch TV and itex you power it off, you are back to your normal desktop running any operating system. HP All-In-One printers provide you with multiple functions besides just printing. You can go to your laptop’s manufacturing website like Apple.

Intex lcd tv tuner mirage it driver File size: The output cable of the power adapter needs to be plugged into the “Power-In” socket of the tuner card. The Forms button is used to call Update intfx the DataAdapter. If initially you do not hear any sound, try swapping the sockets of the two audio cables plugged into the tuner cards.

Things You’ll Need A desktop. Thank you for your feedback!