Never miss a story. Show me the comments! During the review, TransLink looked at the idea of bringing the service in house, but ruled it out in the end primarily due to cost. What if I travel with an attendant? Related Document MVT v. We apologize sincerely to our passengers for the inconvenience, but we firmly believe we need to take a stand now to protect the future of this service.

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Drivers are not permitted to alter or deviate from the schedule. He told me that HandyDart service had been delivered in B.

TransLink to begin HandyDart contract negotiations with First Canada | Vancouver Sun

They also want to cap our health benefits and cut them entirely for casuals, which would make it profitable for them to reduce full-time jobs. We believe that the vast majority of passengers support us.

Both the Day Before and Imminent Arrival calls can be removed by informing a booking agent or a customer service representative. The Barometer What do you think will happen in ?

HandyDART Frequently Asked Questions

This information is also available by listening to most radio stations, and in the Alerts section of our website. HandyDART only provides accessible, outdoor, door-to-door service. Live chat with our Customer Information team or call for assistance Skip to content.

Sixty per cent of our members were previously in the Municipal Pension Plan, and 95 per cent would have been in by next spring. Desmond said there was a lot of discussion on the topic and a working group will be established becomme help develop the process.

TransLink will begin contract negotiations with First Canada, the contractor it has chosen to take over HandyDart service, after receiving approval from its board of directors.

Unfortunately, our drivers are not able to provide change while they are focused on getting you to your destination safely and on-time. Attendants may only request support from the driver to assist the customer. During the review, TransLink looked at the idea of bringing the service in house, but ruled it out in the end primarily due to cost. As becone of the review, TransLink contacted other Canadian transit agencies to learn what HandyDART had in common with and how it differed from their custom transit services.

They are proposing language tk would allow them to contract out our office and maintenance workers. But the new operator has shown no ability to treat workers with a modicum of respect.

Handydart salary – Average salary

Some days my duties would include cleaning vomit and other bodily fluids out of my bus. What remains to be seen is whether service will be restored in a way that respects the hamdydart concerns of employees about their own future security hnadydart they retire, or whether the solution will lie in an imposed agreement that ignores those concerns.

At each stop, I would climb in and handydaet of my bus to operate a hydraulic lift to move wheelchair passengers on and off, then would quickly deploy elaborate strap-down technologies to keep the wheelchairs from shifting while I drove. Fare Zone Map Fare Infractions.

Now, they should instruct MVT to get back to the bargaining table and withdraw their demands for takeaways. Clearly, it is important that this vital service be restored as soon as possible. We knew our wages were many dollars an hour lower than other bus drivers in the Lower Mainland, and that the pension arrangements were laughable.

MVT was involved in an incident in Northampton, Massachusetts, that beocme in a passenger death due to a driver mistake. Creating the impression to employees that their union activities were under surveillance on two occasions about September 12,about late September or early Octoberand on February 20, ; E.

Promising employees money and overtime assignments about late September or early Octoberif they discontinued union activities; D. MVT’s Buric told me that she was unwilling to comment on her parent company’s legal and labour relations troubles in the U. More than one fo can be used on individual trips. HandyDART will reduce the level of service delivery to Essential Service Only in all cases where passenger safety could be compromised by anticipated severe weather conditions.

Related Document MVT v.

We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. The current contract expires on June 30, In a recent press release, he says:. When does the call go out?