It’s nice to have but it does look kind of sloppy hanging there on the dashboard. It also gives you the option using the pan tool or zoom tool. Auto will automatically switch from day to night when the sun sets. Almanac – Using data from GPS satellites, the M5 can provide information about sun and moon positions and predict the best times for hunting and fishing. We do not typically match eBay pricing, unless the stock is purchased from genuine Australian dealers. We will do our best to match a price, however cannot always. For one destination I chose “All Points of Interest” and used the keyboard to “type” the name.

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The GPS is activated by moving the antenna out of its resting position to any one of the four active positions. After synchronizing, maps are loaded onto the M5.

Using Routes One way to easily create a route is simply choose a point gaarmin the Map page and tap the QueRoutes icon. You can even tell the M5 to determine the most logical order. For instance I came to one point where the voice instructions say “keep left.

GPS Review – Garmin iQue M5

Complex routes involve extra stops called “Vias. If you’re looking for a street that has a prefix like “North” you choose the root name such as “Main” and the M5 prompts you to select the prefix from a list. The one thing I think is a negative, albeit a small one, is that the vehicle mounting bracket has the power wire permanently attached. It can be removed completely, but then there’s just one more thing to keep track of. Sign Up for Our Newsletter.

Will use them every time with pleasure. For example, if you choose to avoid U-turns, the unit does not create a route involving a U-turn unless absolutely necessary.

On any of the Find Pages you can search for a destination by: The vehicle mounting bracket is the suction cup type and it seemed sufficient to hold the M5.

TRAMsoft – Options for GARMIN iQue M5 (english)

Suffice it to say that if you want it to do something a certain way, chances are it will do it. During an active route you may want to detour from the original route because of traffic or construction. Ique-5 Reviews Robert Brennan. Using the stylus on the on-screen keyboard was a challenge.

GPS Review – Garmin iQue M5

Back to top of page. We do not match pricing from overseas resellers.

We will respond instantly via chat during business hours 9am — 5pm AEST. The unit will accept an SD card if you find you need greater capacity for maps. Staff have been knowledgeable and polite PC Serial Cable eTrex.

The stylus cannot be inserted or removed while the M5 is mounted to the windshield. Rocklea North Sydney St.

One nice thing about the M5 over the iQue is the fact that the M5 has a removable, rechargable lithium-ion battery. For each appointment, you can create a special Location, just as you can in Conacts.

For one destination I chose “All Points of Interest” and used the keyboard to “type” the name. Track logs – Tracks are qiue-m5 little footprints that show you exactly where you have traveled.

Package does not include a manual for the PDA functions. We will take into consideration freight charges, and compare with ours for a realistic comparison.

Your Cart – 0 Items. One other nice feature worth mentioning is the ability to choose between night, day, and auto oque-m5 the display. Built-in routable basemap contains state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines, state and interstate highways, local thoroughfares, and secondary roads within metro areas CD-ROM: