I did find it hard to frame and focus the camera by hand at long focal lengths, but I was on my bike and quite a distance from the surf. Those are two options you might fiddle with from shot to shot, so it makes sense they’re right behind the Fujifilm S’s Shutter button. Program mode on most digicams is nothing but Auto with a few menu options enabled. Cycle time varied a lot during our testing, ranging from 1. No Sensor shift image stabilization:

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FujiFilm S Review and Specs

Like every other such system in existence, the one employed finepix s1800 the Fujifilm FinePix S isn’t infallible – it’s tricky, if not impossible, to get a perfectly sharp image when shooting handheld at maximum telephoto even in seemingly ideal light conditions.

Discuss in the Fujifilm FinePix Talk forum. Brand index Fujifilm Fujifilm Compact Cameras. Featuring an 18x zoom lens with a mm focal range, 12 megapixels and a 3 inch LCD screen, the Fujifilm S offers finepix s1800 manual photographic finepix s1800 finepiix the more experienced user and an Findpix Scene Recognition mode for beginners.

A compromise would be 10 sequential photographs at 3. Note that the Fuji S’s full telephoto focal length 90mm or mm eq.

Of course, all of those shots finepix s1800 taken without tweaking the camera. When zooming from telephoto to wide, the Fujifilm S’s image goes blurry, though, until the zooming stops and the camera is able to focus again.

If the Fujifilm S can’t decide, it simply uses Finepix s1800. At 15x telephoto, performance is a little better, though softening in the corners is distinct.

The Fujifilm FinePix S’s finepix s1800 Macro mode captures a fairly sharp image with finepix s1800 detail, and manages to do so with only slight blurring in the corners of the frame a common limitation among consumer digital cameras in macro mode. The S introduces high-definition video for the first time to the Fujifilm S-series, capturing x pixel footage at 30fps with finepix s1800 sound, full s100 of the 18x zoom and a maximum recording time of 15 minutes per clip.

Fujifilm FinePix S1800

While distortion is noticeable at finepix s1800 zoom settings, the effect finepix s1800 overly strong. The camera focuses so closely that the flash is blocked by the lens in the lower right portion of the frame.

Photographers will also want a few more aperture choices than the Fujifilm S offers, as having Aperture Priority is nice, but having more than finepix s1800 settings at any given focal length is a little more versatile. In practice therefore with the Fujifilm FinePix S it’s mostly a case of a half press of the shutter release button and the camera does the rest, particularly with Fujifilm here including an ‘auto everything’ scene recognition SR auto mode.

Both cameras did an excellent job holding onto highlight detail and giving the sky some color in this south-facing shot.

There’s also an AF-assist lamp on the front of finepix s1800 Fujifilm S between the grip and the lens. Setup, which has three tabs, is the last option on the Shooting and Playback menus. Those with a discerning eye will notice, 1s800 most casual finepix s1800 will not.

Forward again of these buttons is the fihepix release button, surrounded by a lever for operating the zoom. Though not essential, it’s finepix s1800 fun extra that should appeal to the family target market, and will surely come into its own as an aide memoir for holiday vistas. S vs SX IS.

FinePix S / S(Discontinued Model) | Fujifilm Global

So with all these contradictions, I found myself wondering if the Fujifilm S is a big small camera or a small big camera? With such a finepix s1800 range of focal lengths, stitching can’t always be seamless.

The recent trend has been toward cheaper and cheaper builds in finepix s1800 and superzooms. In Super Macro mode, the minimum area measures 1. With a nudge of the zoom lever, the camera takes just under four seconds to fiinepix through the range from maximum wideangle to telephoto. The petals seemed to finepix s1800.

Yes Full Manual Exposure: Detail is relatively good up to about ISOfniepix with a certain smoothing characteristic of noise suppression. Given its beginner market the Finepix s1800 FinePix S’s buttons and controls are for the most part large, particularly the familiar mode dial on top. Next I spent some time at the beach with finepix s1800 Fujifilm S That shape is almost square, though, so a superzoom like the Fujifilm Finepix s1800 doesn’t much like to be tucked away in a camera bag.

The zoom motor is quite loud, but at least the zoom works, which cannot be said for many digital cameras. I like switches finepix s1800 I prefer Panasonic’s approach, finfpix a switch that powers on to the right and off to the left.