I should state here that I did the bulk of this testing on a very under rated machine to see how this card would really shine. And the midi was spot on and kept up nicely even when sending out all 16 channels with a fully loaded symphony going to one of my external synths. Uninstalling the M-Audio drivers fixed that right up. Performance This is were the card began to sway my choice for making it a permanant piece of gear here. The analog inputs and outputs can be found on a sturdy, well built breakout box which also has two phantom powered TRS inputs which are right beside the 4 unbalanced inputs.

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Review on the EIS Waveterminal 192M sound card.

This card featurewise sits between an Audiophile and one of the higher end cards like the or the Terratec EWS Elson In the meantime, where are these ESI forums you speak of? Did you guys read the artical about Maudio copying ESI’s studio monitor?

Performance This is were the card began to sway my choice for making it a permanant piece of waveterminxl here. You can hook up condensor mikes if needed. Setting up all my software to use the Waveterminal was again a very simple task. One thing I have’t test yet is it’s midi capabilities.

And again a very good solid connection unlike some I have seen on the market. They sure are bang fer the buck.

ESI – Download: Waveterminal M

You can use just about anything to act as a front end recorder to just about anyting else, including WDM based apps acting as a recording front end for a purely ASIO based app. Also, cost was a main concern. The drivers are rock solid both ASIO 2. At the time I installed the card with the standard issue drivers that were on the install CD.

I simply couldn’t afford esii 1k price tags that many of the better PCI based Audio cards are asking for. Sonar, Sound Forge with direct digital connection and no need of digital-to-audio and audio-to-digital conversion and wire cables.

I then tried it with Acid Pro 4.

ESI – Product Archive: Waveterminal M

I would recomend this before many of the more sei interfaces. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Make sure to click in the EWDM driver menu option.

If you follow the instructions in the manual, it literally goes smooth as silk. The only drawback I see on ESI is they are not really rushing at all to develop 64 bit drivers even that lots of folks at the ESI forum requested this update being this a must.

I better tutorial for this wzveterminal can be found at the AudioTrak web site.

Waveterminal 192M

And excellant cost for performance value. Plus the internal wiring is great for recording between various programs.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m looking at this card as a Video Editor looking for great Audio to mix into my features, though it seems to meet the needs of people wanting to go into home recording, but looking for something lots better than the soundblaster and more affordble than other 10track cards.

In the meantime, where are these ESI forums you speak of? I have a WAveterminal M and it works great, never had any problems with the card or drivers.

These are professional audio tools that deserve professional hardware. ASIO performance is outstanding. Had similar experience doing some basic mixing in SoundForge. If they will not support that for thethat would be a major bad.

In theory it sounds better than re-wire since it shouldn’nt require application changes. After installing the newer drivers the latency went down to 5. Wavelab did take a few moments to set itself up as it didnt want to accept the driver change at wavetermihal. Be aware though it is a multiple driver installation, so you rpo need to be patient and let windows take the time it needs to install the drivers. Because of this you can use this card for mixing up to 7.