Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window. This was normally due to pickup and switching delays in the systems. From around the web. Between this fix and the new ability to adjust VOX sensitivity, the issue is much less pronounced, although at times a word or syllable can still be lost. Changing the volume is easy enough with gloves on, as is answering calls you can just say “hello” , but handling all the other features was more of a handful.

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Voice-activated connections put a serious damper on this behavior, leaving us longing for a handlebar-mounted push-to-talk button. Turning the unit Off and then Carddo again restores the preset channels.

If the user or listener hears a station of interest during the automatic scan-stop-listen-resume process, they only need to tap the Volume Up button again to interrupt the scan and keep that station tuned. Starting the player on the iTouch resulted in stereo audio pushed out to the headset.

Wrap-up We do have a few complaints about the Scala Rider G4, most of which could be addressed by some sort of thumb-accessible controls on the left grip, but overall we left feeling quite impressed. For software upgrades of other products go to the Cardo Community Click Here to download the software upgrade for the scala rider G4 for snowmobiles ver 3.

The latter version would be preferred for a full-faced helmet like our Shoei, but the boom worked just fine when we bent it up into the helmet and then ran the speaker wires under the padding. So without further delay, here we go…. It even has a 3. But until the systems get used on the road it is hard to assess how totally effective this adjustability will be.

USB and Power Distribution. This should minimize shortfalls experienced under earlier software versions. Cardo Scala Rider G4 Review: Wired Motorcycle Intercom Reviews.

The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video. Cardo will be adding more languages as well in the future.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset Bluetooth – 2 Riders

Feedback from riders who are using the iPhone with their Scala Rider G4 intercom would be great. The other problem is that many motorcyclists have come to expect that nobody else can hear them csrdo riding, and so commutes are turned into spoken word recitations or, in our case, impromptu demonstrations of helmet-filling baritone gg4.

From my perspective, the FM tuner has found new life with this release. It will show you which buttons to press on the pop-up windows during the installation and configuration process. Please review this brief guide or select a different caedo from the dropdown menu below.

That said, person-to-person communication is just the beginning of what this headset can do. Select your Download language from the dropdown menu above to begin downloading the software to your computer.

So, when we were given the opportunity to test ride Cardo’s latest helmet-friendly Bluetooth headset, the Scala Rider G4, we were a little unsure of just how useful the thing would be for a conscientious, safety-minded rider.

G4 Software Upgrades – Cardo Systems

Sure, speech sounds a bit compressed and having that mic pressed right up to our lips made us a little more mumbly than usual, but it’s impressive nevertheless. Playing with this feature is ongoing, but a summary of the configuration results so far is provided here:.

The Cardo software runs on your computer, and when the G4 intercom unit is connected, the software manages the upgrade process by downloading and installing the most current upgrade from Cardo and installing it on your G4 unit s. Going for a ride When we performed our first call with the G4 we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we certainly wouldn’t have predicted the person on the other end saying they couldn’t hear the motorcycle, or the wind, or the wheeler engine braking three feet to our right.

Click Here to download the software upgrade for the scala rider G4 for snowmobiles ver 3. If you’re a smartphone user there’s a good chance you have all that covered by a single device, but if not the G4 will prioritize and make sure that your navigation updates don’t get blocked by any of the many and lengthy guitar solos on Supermassive Black Hole. That was especially true when directly connected to another headset.

G4 Software Updates

On the second Click-To-Link initiation, the other G4 beeped once and a voice link was established with an imperceptible delay — neat. Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window.

Main h4 for the Cardo G4 software update Personal Computer software application. The Automatic Gain Control or AGC feature allows users to now select one of the three sensitivity levels for optimal audio performance based on personal needs and riding conditions.

Lots of folks ride with other people, but simple discussions about lunch plans, fuel stops, or the appropriateness of a pedestrian’s attire can be difficult when you have 60mph of wind noise to contend with. Garmin zumo and HTC Touch After initiating a stereo music stream from the zumo to the G4, I stopped it and started the media player on the Touch, but it was obvious the two devices were wcala.