Anyone who’s tried to frame an image in the LCD under the intense glare of the sun will be appreciate this “throwback” option. Though noise levels were better than I expected, many shots I took in low light were blurry. Though there are 13 scene modes, the camera does not include the helpful smart scene function that’s available on the Kodak C which automatically picks the best scene mode depending on the shooting circumstances. Canon EOS 80D Show less Show more.

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KODAK EASYSHARE C743/C703 zoom digital camera — Getting started guide

When you pre-focus the Kodak C however, shutter lag gets reduced considerably to 0. Read on to find out if the Kodak C should be added to your shopping list. Easy is This Camera’s Middle Name! Ransomware has been one of the most prolific malware families for years, generating financial caamera for targeted users and organizations, as well as significant revenue for cybercriminals.

Buy the Kodak C The down-side was I couldn’t zoom in on the TV, because of the damage to the screen. My Account Login Subscribe Basket.

ISO light sensitivity ranges from 80 to digiral is automatically or manually selectable. The camera will tell you by pressing halfway down on the shoot button whether the shot needs more lighting, focus, etc by way of green, yellow, or red light. The one I got from eBay is a little bit quirky, but still has the same high-quality resolution and ease of use.

On the downside, the Kodak C suffers from what we call “early shutter penalty” which is when a camera refuses to snap another shot if you release and press the shutter too quickly in Single Shot mode.

Top quality sound cammera makes the video recording on this camera excellent.

Different brand It takes awhile to get use to a digital camera. So while on paper the Kodak C would seem to give you good bang for your buck, mediocre image quality is the price you’ll pay in the end with this camera. In another recent camera review, I complained about manufacturers getting rid of paper versions of their advanced manuals in favor of placing the manual on an enclosed CD as a pdf file. My first experience with a digital camera was back in and it was such a bad ordeal that it soured me on digital cameras for seven years.

Quality you can afford. According to our tests, the camera powers on and is ready for first shot in 2. Once the camera was in my possession I knew I was going to be very pleased with my purchase.

Extremely easy to use Pairs with Kodak’s excellent EasyShare printer docks Optical viewfinder along with 2. In several cases, a blue sky or the white exterior of a car were completely blown out. There is an ISO setting but image size drops to 0. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. If Kodak can fix that problem, this would be a perfect camera and will never lose its value.

While its looks may be rather spartan, feeling slightly toy-like, the Kodak C is easy to carry around and shoot with, and I had no trouble picking up this model and taking photos right away. Show less Show more.

Kodak EasyShare C MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

Shot-to-shot speed was also a bit slow on this camera, averaging about 4. For easy access, the two most popular scene modes — landscape and macro — have individual designations on the mode dial while other scene modes can be chosen in the SCN selection on the dial.

This glitch jammed me up a couple times when I was too quick on the draw with the Kodak C Some pictures may turn out blurry in the beginning until you get use to using it. I also take office pictures, sporting events, and pictures of scenes that we encounter in our travels.

Skip to main content. It can get damaged easily and the only time you can see the pictures are when you upload them to your computer. Anyone who’s tried to frame an image in the LCD under the intense glare of the sun will be appreciate this “throwback” option.

There are a lot of useful features to this camera that I like. I was also frustrated by frequent overexposure problems in pictures taken in high contrast conditions. I didn’t know how the pictures looked until hours later when we got home to upload the pictures.