My system is also uptodate. That is very strange, there should be no difference between 32 abd 64 bit. So for now I always have to put the disc I want to use in and restart: Related questions util-linux in Ubuntu: Is there a way to incorporate the 32 bit SATA handling in the 64 bit kernels?

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I’ve never compiled a kernel before, so it’s very likely I missed bddvdrw ch20l or didn’t do something correctly. How does HP install software and gather data? Can you test the mainline kernel builds? So it is looking like an incomatability between this particular chipset and drive. The suggested fix of adding “libata. See the following, bddvdrw ch20l you need help ch20k that information.

I am no bddvdrw ch20l having to keep a disk in the drive, or having to close the drive door during boot, to facilitate drive recognition and proper boot function.

The drive bddvdrw ch20l perfectly in Windows. So it bddvdrw ch20l to be just the LG drive that fails when it gets the hard reset i have not other sata controller at bddvdrw ch20l to test it, the other one in the system has only an internal pata port.

Now with Driver Matic, a PC can have up to date drivers automatically. I have also tried to uninstall the bddvdrw ch20l for the optical drive, and it automatically reinstalled, and it still does not recognize blu ray disks. I sure wish someone would find the solution and it bddvdrw ch20l be Hewlett Packard. Someone in the heise forum had the drive working attached to bddvdrw ch20l 6 and port 5 and 6 turned to ide.

Jon Farz jfarza1 wrote on It doesn’t seem that it’s being addressed upstream at all either. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please remove the ‘needs- upstream- testing’ tag. But in the kernel configuration and in the patches I haven’t found anything. I found the difference between Fedora and Ubuntu. Also there is nothing mentioned in documentation about SATA spread spectrum.


HP blu-ray drive gets softreset bddvdrw ch20l errors on 64 bit but not 32 bit. My system is also uptodate.

Would bddvdrw ch20l like to view the product details page for the new product? Note, that I have a dual boot setup with Win7, but it should work the same for any setup:. Find out how to make your computer faster by running our Free Performance Scan. Once into the program, check to make sure the drive is recognized and operates properly.

Bddvdrw ch20l stop blue screen errors in Windows7 http:.


The problem stays the same but with additional output bxdvdrw also said before. If you google, “CH20L Linux”, you will see this is becoming a growing issue as of late.

I checked dmesg on bddvdrw ch20l of them and not one showed the soft reset issue that bddvdrw ch20l 64 bit distros show. This product was designated to be returned to HP.

bddvdrw ch20l I now no longer have to insert a disk, etc. Again, SATA port 3 being the blu-ray drive. For devices notplugged in — holdShift- plug in the device.

I will use this as tempory workaround since the problem is solved. Bluray Bddvrdw Player bddvdrw ch20l Best Buy: Resolving stop blue bddvdrw ch20l errors in Windows7 http: Also, with many wireless adapters it is important to stay current as updates often contain security fixes.